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Need a restaurant for a group -- tonight!

I have a group of ~21 people who are getting together tonight, and due to bad planning on my part, I don't have a reservation anywhere yet. Do any of you have suggestions for somewhere where the hordes can descend? Two of the group are from out of town so I'd like to have it be a Portland-y place, not an Applebees or something lame like that.

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what's your favorite place for dinner?

Couple out-of-town friends visiting Portland, and I'm kicking around ideas for somewhere on the east side* to take them to dinner. Our (my and my wife's) favorite place is Screen Door, which was the plan until my friends revealed that they don't eat fried food ... although SD has a few items that fill that bill on their menu, I'm thinking maybe another place would be better.

Any suggestions? Requirements, I guess, are: that the food's awesome, that the ambience is lively, laid-back, and enjoyable, that jeans are not only ok but probably expected, that the cocktail menu is interesting and tasty, and that there are plenty of non-fried items available.

Not necessarily looking for something that screams "PORTLAND." These folks are from Reno, where indie restaurants are a bit rare ... so anything that's not a chain would probably suffice.

Thanks foodies!


* They're staying in the Lloyd district, so anywhere within, say, a 5-10 mile radius gets bonus points.

Restaurants with private rooms?

O Mighty DP'ers,

I'm planning a group dinner for my wife to celebrate her getting tenure at the university where she teaches. I'm thinking that it would be fun to find a nice restaurant in town that has a little private room that you can rent out for a small-ish group (probably no more than a dozen or so).

I know that Andina in the Pearl has such a room:


Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm fairly wide open on the type of cuisine, although veggie options are a must, and bonus points for anything Asian.


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Long time, no boner kill, DP'ers!

For Christmas, I'm treating my fiance to dinner at Le Pigeon as his main gift. He's never been, constantly talks about going, etc.

I know it's pricey, but how pricey? I've looked at the menu, cost of wine, etc. but honestly, I'm not ~*~classy~*~ enough to have gone to such an expensive place before so I'm wondering what the ballpark tab will be for two people. I'm debating if I should buy him a gift certificate that they offer, or just pay when we go. I'm hoping/planning the final bill will be around $100.

Is it worth the buck?

Also, Happy Holidays from our furry little rascals.

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restaurant with a view

Heya, so, my wife's folks are coming up for a visit (from SoCal) and we'd like to take them to dinner at a place that has a good view of something picturesque and Portland-y, or at least Oregon-y (like, a river, a mountain, city lights, etc.). Even better if the place has good food and/or isn't a chain.

Examples we've tried and/or are considering: Aquariva (for a good view of the Willamette), Portland City Grill (I mean duh).

We'd like to stick to locations in and around Portland (e.g., probably not going to drive up the Gorge).

Thanks for the suggestions!

Restaurants near freeway that don't suck?

I have some friends driving from Washington to Eugene on I-5 tomorrow, and they want to stop in Portland and have lunch with me. (Yippee!). They've been camping in their tent trailer, and will be towing it behind them. I'm trying to find a restaurant near-ish the freeway where they can easily park their car/trailer without having to drive around in town too much.
I thought about Kennedy School, which isn't that close to the freeway but is at least pretty easy to get to, but I'd like to branch out from the McMinnies if possible.

Can anyone think of something with relatively close freeway access and parking that has a bit of class? In other words, that  ISN'T Hooters in Jantzen Beach?