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So I know most of you hate the weather we've been having, and I'm sure it'll change soon, but I'd just like to say that this, this bleak, cloudy gloomy shit we've had going on six weeks into spring?

This shit is why I moved here. I love it. If we never saw the sun again except through a blanket of clouds, I'd die happy.

What I'm trying to say is, I love you, Portland!

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Hey, just wanted to share the good news with our DamnFamily here - sistermaryeris and I tied the knot in Vegas on Friday! We had a super-cool in-room wedding in our suite, with about 16 good friends looking on in near-disbelief that I could land someone so fine, young, and attractive. :)
We're thrilled and we just wanted to share our excitement with all of you beautiful peeps. The whole "dude, whoa, we got married on 420" thing was kind of an unplanned bonus. ha.

Love rules!

p.s. No, those are not our wedding clothes.
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heya DEEPS


How's it going?

Does anyone remember how I used to do a weekly positivity post?



This is a positivity post. Tell me what your favourite flavour of ice cream is. And tell me something good that happened to you recently.

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The Favor Network

The Favor Network.

Yes, it sounds illegal. Stay with me!

Remember how people used to rely on each other? Remember how you would go over to your neighbor and ask to borrow a cup of sugar or an egg or a transmission? Well, those days can be here again, thanks to this brave new Internet-aware world!

Picture a social website like couchsurfing.com, except it contains profiles of people willing to do favors for each other. It also contains favor requests, sorted by whatever criteria you like; zip code, type of work able to provide, date, type of work requested, etc.

Examples of types of favors: yardwork, changing lightbulbs for older people who can't reach them, carsharing, moving boxes, fixing a bike tire...whatever sort of favors people are willing to volunteer or barter for.

You need to move a couch? Create an event, enter your details:
Zip code
Time and date
Length of time
Type of service? Move furniture.
Car required? Yes.
Compensation offered? Cookies.

You want to help out by volunteering this weekend? Create your profile then check the calendar or search the database for favors that fit your schedule or abilities.

The by-product of such unofficial volunteering would be increased community strength and connections. Barn-raisings had the side effect of bringing together the community and strengthening ties between members; a website like this could have the same effect. It has the additional benefit of keeping your volunteer work hyper-local and connected to your neighbors as well, instead of showing up with a bunch of strangers for a one-time event and then never seeing them again.

Alternate ideas: The Volunteer Network, The Barter Network.

I'm not going to set up a website, but I thought other people might be interested in hearing this idea.

Edit: Just Googled bartering websites. Looks like people have tried to do this but I'm not aware of any successful, legit ones. Has anyone had any good experiences with bartering websites? Also, I haven't found a site that is focused primarily on trading volunteer services.

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I'm telling you, I love this city. Today's events conspired to make it pretty damn good so far. Lunch time, I notice I have cash in my pocket. Enough cash to go to Humdinger for lunch, in fact. Not only do I have enough, but they're running a lunchtime discount, so I get a huge-ass chocolate malt to go with it. SO GOOD.

As I'm driving back to the office with my delectable eatable booty, I see, walking down the sidewalk, a young lady clad in a plaid skirt and boots, with hair dyed shock red, carrying her shirt in her hand. Topless young women walking around the place, soaking in the sunshine.

Yup, I love this fucking city.
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a decade o' damnportlanders!

On this day, 10 years ago, gelasia founded this com. Some sixty-five thousand entries later, here we are. Happy Birthday damnportlanders!

As promised, we're holding a DP 10-year Design Contest! But, because your mod screwed up (I'm only human), please post your entries TODAY, in this thread!

The guidelines are simple:
  • Make a pic for DP's profile page (which will get a facelift that'll feature the winning design).
  • Use photography, text, drawn elements, whatever you like, to incorporate Portland-y and/or damnportlander-y themes.
  • Something suitable to celebrate 10 years of the best damn community on LJ.
  • Optimal size would be something between 600-800 pixels, so it can be a banner, a full-size image, tons and tons of annoying blinking crap, or whatever your muse provides.
Entries must be posted here by midnight! We'll vote TOMORROW.

The winner will get to see his or her image prominently plastered on DP's profile page for at least a year, AND will also receive a $20 Gift Certificate to Powells.

Post those designs! And here's to 10 more years! Thanks DP!