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Lost cat! Help me find her :(

So my kitty went out on Wednesday night, and I haven't seen her since. she is usually only gone for a few hours when she wanders out, so naturally this has me super worried. I am going to post posters in the neighborhood tomorrow, but figured I might post info here in case someone has seen her. 

I live in the creston-kenilworth area, right by the park on powell and SE 26th. So she might be anywhere in the area over between holgate and powell. (I'm really hoping she didn't actually cross powell) She has a purple collar, assuming she is still wearing it. She is also chipped, but I don't know if that will really help me right now. Her tags also have my phone number on them. If you have seen her, or maybe know where she might be, please let me know. I would be forever grateful!!!!! Thanks guys. 


Here's the poster:


Stolen art and books

Hey, DPers. Crappy news in my crazy little world. Yesterday afternoon I had a bin full of my art and books stolen off the street while I was offloading for a show at the Bossanova. Among the items stolen were costume ears and masks, some fairly expensive handmade drums, and a whole bunch of my books. I have pictures and more info here.

I've already contacted Powell's, Cedar Mountain Drums, Rhythm Traders, and Tradeup Music, and of course filed a police report. I'll be putting up reward posters in the area, too. I'm not hoping for much here, but on the off chance anyone sees my stuff somewhere, PLEASE let me know ASAP.

Consoling pictures of cute animals, and a lack of snarky remarks, also very much appreciated.

Missing Your Pets?

The day after the 4th of July is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters. If your animal has been scared off by the fireworks over the last couple of days, please come out and check your county shelter today for them.

Multnomah County  www.multcopets.org
Washington County http://www.co.washington.or.us/pets/
Clackamas County http://www.clackamas.us/dogs/
Clark County http://www.southwesthumane.org/ and http://www.clark.wa.gov/development/animals/index.html

Also check Craigslist for found reports.

I hope everybody kept their critters inside, if not, I hope you find your critters soon!

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Missing Cat!

My aunt's cat has gone missing from NW Portland and I thought I would spread the word on this wonderful group of damn portlanders. Here is the craigslist post she made (has photos):


She's a beautiful siamese cat, answers to Bisca (spanish for cross-eyed). She's friendly, but without a collar unfortunately (it was found in her driveway). Please keep your eyes peeled, we would appreciate it so much!

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thanks DP

Stolen Bike

I know this is a long shot, but I might as well try. Today... at approximately 5:15-5:30pm I was sitting in the center of the max with my bike kindly resting on the bike rack, I was a good distance away from it and checking on it constantly. At SE Gateway/99th stop near the Adventist hospital some jackass decided to snag it off the max, which seconds later I noticed, and tried to chase him down. I obviously failed because this guy clearly had a bike on hand and decided to use it.


I'd ask anyone who may see a similar looking bike to let me know? I know it's strange to ask... but would be helpful. I had filed a report with the police, so contacting them is also an option.

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ALSO: does anyone know where some one may sell a used bike?? I will keep my eye out on craigslist, but any shops specifically... particularly in the deeper SE area??? considering that's where it was stolen, 

Lost Chocolate Lab NE Portland

reposted from a friends FB , please keep a lookout, i have their phone number if anyone finds her.

My parent's chocolate lab Bailey is missing! She is dark brown, with a silver collar, and about 65lbs. She's a rescue dog and is scared of everything. She was last seen near my parent's house on 23rd & Fremont in NE Portland. If you are in the neighborhood please keep an eye out for Bailey. Thank you!

Missing kitten

EDIT: He came home! He was gone for 5 days, but came home last night all on his own. Whew!

It's a long shot, but I'm posting in every place I can think of.

My kitten went missing on Tuesday, April 17, around noon. He got out of the house and hasn't come back. We live in SE at 68th and Cooper St. (a few blocks south of Woodstock).

Name is Pippin (like the hobbit).
Male, fixed (though it looks like he's not)
Tonkinese, which looks like Siamese but his base color is white/beige with dark brown ears, feet, tail, and face
Small, only about 8 pounds
Super friendly
He is microchipped but has no collar

I've put up signs, gone door to door, alerted the microchip organization and my vet, posted on Craigslist, filed a report with Multcopets.org, and posted on animalaidpdx.com. Any other ideas?

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FOUND: longhair tortoiseshell cat in Beaverton area

There's a really sweet long haired tortoiseshell cat wandering around the apartment complexes next to Stream. Anyone missing a cat? My biggest concern is that she got abandoned and her owners don't care; there's been a found sign posted for a few days and she's still out there.

I was looking into CAT but it seems like they don't take strays (I don't have a car anyway). Any ideas on where to take her if she's still wandering around in a few days? Meanwhile I'm looking into making her a warmth shelter, and hoping my web posts find her owners. 

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Found Bike--Tigard

I found a bike today it Tigard on SW. Dartmouth St in the bushes. It was not near any of the businesses or apartment complexes in the area, nor was it chained up. If it's yours please send me a description or photo of the bike and I will return it. Otherwise I now have a cool bike!

Craigslist posting

Edit: yes I reported it to the police. No, I'm probably not going to report it further than craiglist and the police /snark it's mine in three months if no one claims it :P