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damnportlanders's Journal

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damnportlanders: the best damn community

This is the original Portland LJ community, now celebrating TEN YEARS on LiveJournal!

image credit: lokidecat, winner of DP's 10-year anniversary design contest!

This is a Portland LJ com. However, posts don't have to be Portland related.

This community is both read-at-your-own-risk and post-at-your-own-risk. Topics are often controversial, and users can be snarky and sometimes downright mean. So expect potentially offensive thoughts, words, and images (pretty much as with everywhere, but hey).

Membership is moderated. It doesn't take much to be approved, just some indication you're not a bot. This keeps the spam down.

Currently, your mod is _dilate_
To get in touch with us, e-mail dpadmin2001@gmail.com
. Whoever gets your e-mail first will reply.

Please DO NOT use LJ messaging, our personal email addresses, or leave comments in our journals, for DP-related matters.

the main rules, such as they are

Short version: play fair, or get sent home. Open discussion and free expression are cornerstones of a good online community, but so are accountability and civil discourse. The mods generally adopt a hands-off policy, but we'll regulate if things get out of hand.

Specific rules and guidelines:

The DOs:
Do use an LJ-cut for large images (e.g. over 500x500 pixels), and for R- or X-rated content, which also requires a suitable warning as to what it is. Additionally, event advertising is limited to one (uncut) image per event; all images in subsequent plugs should be cut. Do respect the views of others while voicing your own. Do disagree and debate, civilly.

The DON'Ts:
Don't freeze, disable, or delete comments (other than your own), or your post will be deleted (e-mail the mods if you think a comment should be deleted!). Don't bring up personal stuff from other users' individual journals or other coms, pursue a personal vendetta, spam the com, etc. In other words, if you act as if you're only here to troll or harass or just be a douchebag, we'll boot ya. Capiche?

DP's founder gelasia put it best: play nice. Use your head. Use your manners. If you ask for something, say please and thank you. Don't air your dirty laundry here. Keep your cool. Accept that if someone's being a dick, there's no need to respond in kind. Use an LJ-cut for overly long and/or boring content. If you're new, maybe read the com awhile to get acquainted with our style.


TAGS. The DP tag list is growing (here is the helpful annotated version). We began tagging posts in October 2009, and most posts since then have tags. The vast majority prior to that do not. Currently, we have mod-only tagging. Feedback is always welcome.

SEARCHING THE COM. A bunch of ways. Use the tags for topical searching. Or, try one of these tools for keyword searching:

Search DP with FreeFind
Search DP with LJ Seek
Search DP with Google

MEETUP. Meet your fellow damnportlanders and other Portland LJers! Currently, meetups are scheduled on the second Saturday (in the afternoon, in SW), and the fourth Wednesday (in the evening, in SE), of every month. algeh is the coordinator, and you can find out more by checking the "meetup" tag.

TWITTER. @damnportlanders is an automatic feed of public DP posts! Each tweet includes an intro and a link to the full DP post.

Follow damnportlanders on Twitter

LAYOUT. Hate the complexity/load time of the default? Try the simple version or the summary version. (Credit for all: kunzite1.)

Anything else? E-mail the mods if you have questions, complaints, or suggestions. Otherwise start contibuting!

Flame on all month long
Vent, criticize, and nitpick
Then meetup for beer.

by rathanylakan, winner of DP's 5-year anniversary haiku contest.

Userinfo updated: April 29, 2011 by littlebluedog
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