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Yes, one more request. Okay, well two.

So, I'm wondering if anyone'd be interested in helping me find a church or a job.  Or both, I suppose - they're not mutually exclusive requests.

I'd kind of always thought church was, well, church, for the most part, and mentally rolled my eyes when my grandmother complained about different services.  But I went today to a church I picked out of the phone book and as much as I railed against the Prayer of Humble Access, the service where it's edited & updated so much I don't recognize it doesn't seem like service to me.  
So, I guess I'm looking for an episcopal or possibly anglican church, with traditional service (where they say things like "sitteth" and "thy"), and a good choir.  Possibly a really good choir.  Possibly a choir with openings for new members...  Possibly (not holding my breath here), a paid choir with openings for new members.   But a decently good choir will do.
Bonus for pastor(s) who are approachable but not pushy and who might be willing to carry on email correspondance about issues of faith.   
Bonus for outer SE, though it *is* church, and only once a week, and I am perfectly capable of transporting myself elsewhere...  I'm spoiled by my last church being one whole block from my apartment.

But speaking of a paid choir...
I'm also looking for a job, and that was my last one.  Talk about fabulous.  But possibly once-in-a-lifetime.  So I can sing.  I've also modeled some, mainly promotional modeling (and OT but does anyone know of a reputable agency in town, one that's not going to try to charge me big bucks to "represent" me?).  
But in terms of the real world, the bulk of my experience is in office work, particularly medical back office (insurance billing) and data entry.  I'm a crackerjack typist - if memory serves, something like 16,000 kph (about equal to 60wpm, one-handed).  I've done medical records; I can alphabetize, sort and file like nobody's business.  I've done packing & shipping in a warehouse for a catalog.  I've done personal care at a residential facility for adolescents with multiple disabilities; I've cleaned rooms and worked the desk at a hotel.  I've done a bunch of other stuff.  I'm not picky, I'm not turning things down because they're not cool; I just want to earn a few dollars in my "down time" to try to offset the mountain of student loans I'm accruing, so I'm willing to try most anything.  I'm hard-working, reliable, flexible, detail oriented...
My problem?  My schedule.  I'm a full-time freaking student.  I have weekends and Friday afternoons off.  And probably don't want to work more than 10-15 hours, because classes alone take up around 40 hours of my week, and that's not including homework/studying.  This rules out most any office-job for which I have profuse experience and resume backup.  But I've applied a variety of places and at every one my availability seems to earn me the hairy eyeball and no call-backs.  Even for dishwasher jobs (Not to knock dishwashing.  I love washing dishes, for some reason.  But aren't those high-volume days at restaurants?  Don't they need dishes washed?  Is there something I'm not clued in on as I've never worked the service industry before?)
Does anyone anyone have any suggestions for me?  Really, anything?  

Cut for long-windedness.  And because, hey, there sure are a lot of "where can I..." posts.  You might not want another.

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