foam can be dangerous with tape across my mouth (delyrium) wrote in damnportlanders,
foam can be dangerous with tape across my mouth

Cats and benadryl

So the long story is that we're traveling to California tomorrow via car. That's a 10+ hour car trip with two cats and two rabbits. One of the cats has a history of freaking out on road trips and requiring sedation. We called our vet today to get a sedative and they called us back suggesting 5 milligrams of pediatric benadryl to calm her down. We went out and got the benadryl early today-- then I checked my cell phone messages. Turns out the recommendation for benadryl was directed at another animal named Tobey, not my cat Lola. So basically, my vet majorly screwed up and gave us the wrong information about how to sedate our 7.5 pound cat. I don't even know if this Tobey animal is a cat or not. The other possibilty is that they just got the name wrong, but it didn't sound like that by the specifics mentioned.

The question: is pediatric benadryl a safe and effective sedative for house cats? We have to leave by 7 tomorrow morning and she can't travel without some kind of drug (we're talking seriously scary cat anxiety--eyes rolling back in her head, hyperventilating and on and on). Anyone's cat been perscribed benadryl before? Any vet techs or veterinarians out there in DP land? We called Dove Lewis but they couldn't give us answers over the phone for legal reasons.

Oh, and avoid Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary at all costs, I guess. This is seriously unprofessional!
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