Something witty and engaging (cosmicjohn) wrote in damnportlanders,
Something witty and engaging

Hey DP! Want some computer stuff?

EDIT - - GPS is sold, as is the Router.

Alright, I'm getting rid of the following things. I'm tired of having this stuff around the house.

Everything works to the best of my knowledge. Tested and all that...I just don't need it. Ask me what you want, and I'll quote a price.



-Independence War (3 discs), Lords of the Realm (4 discs), Graphire, Star Rangers, Total Annihilation : Kingdoms, Total Annihilation : Kingdoms; The Iron Plague Expansion Set, Total Annihilation (2 discs), War of the Worlds (2 discs), Populous : The Beginning, Populous II, The Ultimate Wizardry Archives, StarTopia, Dungeon Keeper (Gold Edition), Dungeon Keeper 2, Starcraft Expansion Set, The Forgotten Realms Archives (4 discs).


1. iPAQ 3630 w/ Stylus (does have some problems...cracked case, and is password protected with Linux. I can't break the password nor reset the thing...if you can figure it out...), ,
2. 12 Channel GPS (eTREX) by Garmin.
3. NetGear Ethernet Hub (4 ports)
4. Linksys 2.4GHZ Wireless Access Point Router with 4 port switch
5. Linksys Etherfast 10/100 Dual-Speed 5-port Workgroup switch
6. The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring
7. Gameboy Color
8. Mini Camera (SiPix)

Please Note - No instruction manuals, nor startup disks are included with any of the electronics. All cords are provided for the Router, Workgroup Switch, Mini Camera, iPAQ (including cradle and three sleeves) and Ethernet Hub. All CD's are in mint condition and work perfectly. Most are built for a Windows 95 platform (or Mac equivalent), but will run just fine with MoSlo.

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