March 19th, 2014

Fatty Goldfish

Unusual Question for ya'll about Deaf Jobs in the Portland area?

Is there anyone on this Community who knows someone who is Deaf, or is Deaf themselves, that has struggled to find gainful employment?

Now I know Portland is a pretty diverse place, there always seems to be room somewhere for people doing that they are best at, and specializing in what they are able to do.

I met the most fabulous person, and they are nearly entirely Deaf, and scince graduating college two years ago, havnt been able to get hired on at a single place theyve interviewed. They have a four year degree from U of O, but that hasnt seemed to help find entry level work any, and its hard to get other jobs if you have no experience, you know?

I was wondering if anyone in PDX has some ideas of good places to look for jobs that dont require hearing or customer service, or if anyone has a buddy who is Deaf and got hired somewhere, who might have some advice for what type of job to look for, or if you know someone who has struggled with trying to find work with a hearing disability.

Any advice or input would be appreciated~

Thanks, Guys!
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Job-Hunting and Interested in Mining/Finance?

There's a small local firm hiring, my Twitter feed tells me. It's called Oreninc, they specialize in small-cap mining investment research. I've talked to the owner, Benjamin Cox. He's one of those smart, high-personality, very individualistic entrepreneurs who like to hire young people. Comes from a mining family.

I believe their office is still in Vancouver.