December 19th, 2013

  • floppyt

Help fluffy kitty

I haven't been on here forever so no clue how active this community is anymore, but a gal on my Facebook moms group needs some help. The jest of the story is she took her cat into the emergency vet they estimated the bill at 1500$. What I understand is they were unwilling to let her do a payment plan and told her they would only treat the cat if she relinquished it to the vet to put up for adoption. Another member of our group contacted the vet and made an agreement that if she can raise the money for the owner that he will allow her to adopt it and give it back to the owner before he gives it to the shelter fro adoption. The bill as of now is 400$ and they are trying to get the car moved to a non emergency vet so that the cost will be less.

The biggest reason I am trying to help is this: there are children involved in this, a 6 year old girl has had this cat in her life since she was two. The cat is now four. She is heartbroken. W all know how important our pets are and having a pet as a small child, I know how much they mean to small children.

Any help that anyone can give or any advice would be more than welcomed!

Thank you all!