December 9th, 2013

Nom nom nom nom

Re-Open Space

My favorite cafe closed down at the beginning of the month, but it turns out the owner handed the keys to one of the barristas, who has taken over and is re-opening it.  Since I want the place to stay open for my own selfish purposes--having a non-Starbucks cafe within close walking distance of my house--I'm posting about it here to help mitigate the closing-induced diaspora of customers, and maybe find a few new ones.

The place is Open Space Cafe, and it's at SE 28th and Holgate.  They're re-opening starting Thursday, 7am-5pm weekdays, and 8am-4pm weekends.  The weekend hours are the best news: the old ownership only opened at 10am, and those of us with kids sometimes just can't wait until 10am for our weekend coffee outing.

Anyway, come on down on Thursday, and tell your SE-PDX friends to check it out as well!