November 27th, 2013

The Emperor Has No Clothes: social networking kind of sucks

So you might have noticed that I am still hanging around on here, and posting. Actually, at this point I might be doing half of the posting to this community. And it is not just because I am bored and like attention or whatever. Well, not "just because".

To be honest, I don't really like social networking. It can be useful sometimes, but I've noticed it can get dragged down into such total banality and triteness and spam and dumb stuff that on the whole, it was a net negative for me. I've deactivated my Facebook twice this year, and after the first time, I noticed that its claws were much less deeply into me. I am currently deactivated on there.

The thing is, I talk to a lot of people who say that they don't like Facebook but they use it because other people use it. So we are stuck using something we don't really like because we think its the only way to communicate. So I just wanna say that we don't have to stick with something we don't like.

Tenant/Apartment Issue

So, I've got a bit of a conundrum. Last night while at work, a fellow tenant of our apartments drove their truck into one of my bedroom walls. My sister was home and in said room while the accident occured. She's fine, but the wall is not. While not a huge gaping hole, it's very extensively damaged. Broke the window, damaged the siding, the insulation is currently in the bedroom...the room itself is uninhabitable. They will need to rebuild the entire wall plus new insulation, siding and redo the wiring and heating plus replace the storm windows.

We're currently waiting for the contractor to show up to get an estimate of the damage. Police have been called and a report filed. I've tried asking my apartment manager about this, but she's just as lost as I am.

Even though it's not the actual owner that caused the problem, am I correct in assuming that it is the apartment owner's responsibility in either putting us up somewhere while repairs to the room are made, or in deducting some of our rent due to not being able to use a room we need? I vaguely remember seeing somewhere online that if a bedroom or main room of an apartment is unusable, they have to deduct the expense from the total rent...but I can't seem to find it to back up my claim.

I could really use a hand in finding the information I need, or anyone that is familiar with this tyope of situation. And no I don't have renters insurance (I know, I should.) but the only personal property damage was a desk...not too worried about that. I just don't want to be paying for a 2 bedroom apartment for the next 4-6 weeks (the estimated repair time they said) when it's for now just a 1-bedroom. Not to mention the obvious hike in my heating bill with a hole in the wall as well as having contractors in and out of my apartment all freaking day (and I work late nights so FUN!!) Obviously the owners insurance covers the property damage but that's not where my concern lies.

Please help :) Thank you!