November 10th, 2013


I almost died asking for help. I did not realize I was a running joke in damnportlanders.

update: I was injured, left in a non-ADA apartment with no way in or out with out being carried. Called and asked for help for a very long time, a volunteer place helped me and my things out last fall and I have just now got a new place. The things are in about 7 different places around Portland, two of which are about to be locked out and auctioned if I don't find help, I had a partial spinal cordin injury and a resulting sryinx in my upper cervial and thorasic spine so I need help lifing things but am able to get myself up an ddown steps now. Does that help at all? It has been a long time and I don't know anyone in Oorltan d that is able to help. See the youtube video at the end of it for the promo for Lift Urban Portland... that was last fall, now I am doing much better but still need help. IS anyone able to?

banjololo (from

November 10 2013, 20:25:31 Local

ah, are you Bubblewrap Jo as in orangehugs/bubblewrapjo? Any plans to stop sending incomprehensible unsolicited emails and private forwarded conversations to your whole contact list? or at least to start using BCC? It would be appreciated by many, I'm sure.

November 10 2013, 21:52:29 Local

I apologize for them being uncomprehensible. It was in extreme duress. I was trapped in my aparmtment with a spinal core injury asking fo rhlep for a very long time.

I did'nt have anyone's phone numbers and had to just reach out to whomever would answer. I almost died. I didn't reazlie that people were just making fun of me while I was asking for hlep from in there.

yes, that is me. I see you gave out my email to live journal. Do I know you? Are you someone that I was asking for help when I was left in there and almost died? You think its funny? Really?

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