November 8th, 2013

don't look down

Intercambio at Holgate Library

Hi Spanish-speakers!

A volunteer wishing to practice the Spanish she picked up in Honduras has just started an intercambio at Holgate Library. Right now it's meeting every Friday at 1 PM. Business is slow -- last week was the first one, and I was the only other person there. So if you know any Latin@s who want to practice their English or English-speakers who want to practice their Spanish, send them along. :-)

FNNLC: Finally the "N" part comes true

Its a Friday Night. And unlike so many other Friday nights, it is actually dark as I type this. Dark and cold. And rainy.

At least the cold and rain gives me an excuse to not go outside!

So how are you doing in the cold and dark, people? Are you happy for the glowing rectangle that stays warm and comforting through the harshest days of winter?