October 21st, 2013

don't look down

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Hi Portlanders.

There's a documentary I'd like to watch sometime. It's explicitly anti-Pebble mine, which is to say it details the expected damage done to Native people by a proposed copper-gold mine near Bristol Bay, Alaska.

I don't think it's widely available, so I'd have to contact the filmmakers to buy it. I was thinking about organizing a screening to make it worth the trouble.

And that leads me to wonder: Do you know anyone who'd be interested in a kind of mineral exploitation study group? I am interested in mining for professional reasons -- I'm a freelance writer and the mining industry provides a good chunk of my income -- and for personal reasons, because I am an environmentalist. Thinking through the good and bad of mining operations is something I do on my own, but it'd be interesting and possibly more fruitful to do it with other people. I could come up with readings or films to watch, maybe monthly.