October 20th, 2013


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Hey DP, I am looking for a new apartment/house and roommate(s) starting next month. Does anyone here need a place or know someone who does? I just graduated from law school but am relying on SSD right now for income. I don't drink but don't mind social drinkers. I'm quiet and would prefer no large parties or drugs. I have 2 loving cats and one doesn't really get along well with others, so a cat lover without any of their own would probably be best. I rely on Tri-Met to get around so I need a place close to a bus stop or a MAX station. Right now I can afford about $500 total max.


I maybe picked the wrong job because I am stupid and now I don't know what to do

Hello Portland!

I don't know if I ever told everyone the story of my job, and how it turned out, and why I am wondering what to do next.
Since I know that my complaining isn't particularly interesting, I want to tie this in with bigger issues.

I have a degree in Adult Education. I want to teach Adult Basic Education/GED. And this January, that is what I did: moving to Brookings, Oregon to teach GED, ABE and ESL at the satellite campus of a small community college. Teaching GED is pretty challenging: there is a lot of material that people should know to have the equivalence of a high school education, and covering 6 or 12 years of material in a 10 week course is a pretty gigantic task. There is also a lot of attrition in GED classes. But its nice knowing that some people DO have their lives changed.

The teaching was actually the easy part of my job. The hard part was being in Brookings. Also, eventually, the school didn't have enough students to keep me on. My summer class was canceled, and I wasn't sure that they would have enough students/money to keep me for the fall term.

I am currently looking for work in the same field. Its frustrating: community colleges hire on an adjunct basis, meaning that you complete an application and if they end up needing a teacher, they sign a contract with you, for a term. And if they don't have enough students next term, the adjunct instructor is out of a job. This makes it hard to plan for this type of job: I am not going to relocate to The Dalles or Yakima and then find out four months later that I am out of a job.

So I know this isn't original, but I am currently more than a little pissed off that I got an education, tried to play by the rules, and am now getting jerked around.

I am wondering whether my chosen career field makes sense, whether it is worth it to jump through so many hoops, or whether I should just decide on "Random Office Job" style employment.

I am overeducated and cynical and don't know what to do next.