August 1st, 2013

Rental house

Hey dear Portlanders!

After spending a couple of years away from my beloved Portland, I'm on my way home. I'm trading in a job that didn't bring me the joy I needed for one I expect to be an absolute delight.

I'm interested in renting a house, or if necessary a duplex, in close-in SE or NE. I'm not a fan of apartment buildings as a general rule, and I'm not quite ready to buy. My budget is pretty flexible.

I'm a low-key, semi-homebody girl who will be renting alone. I have one very laid-back neutered indoor cat who's part of the package with me. Having been a homeowner before, I'm comfortable handling plenty of small repairs as appropriate, although I know when it's not my business to mess with something and it's time to call the landlord instead.

I have a housekeeper to help make sure the home stays as lovely as it was when you gave me the keys.

If you own a rental that's coming due, or have a friend that does, please do get in touch. It could be fun to see if we'd be a good fit for one another. My timeline is no later than mid- to late August. And of course, feel free to PM me with questions or points I've missed.

Thanks everyone!

PS: I'm searching CL, Zillow, Hotpads very thoroughly, but reaching out to human beings is always a good idea. :)