June 26th, 2013

Horrible bus driver

Have you ever had a bus driver tear you off a transfer slip with an incorrect expiration time (i.e. already expired so you can’t use it if you need to get on another bus)? The first driver who issued me the expired ticket told these ladies who got on after me that he needed to give them new slips because the ones he gave them expired too soon. I didn't think about the one he just handed me, because I thought they were getting a different one for the honored citizens fare (elderly).The $2.50 general fare is good for 2 hours after you board a bus. So, I had to get off the 44 across from Wilson H.S. so I could catch the 56 down Beav.Hillsdale. I left and walked to the ATM while I was waiting (since I had 15 minutes to spare) and then returned to the stop where an old lady was waiting. When I got on the next bus and showed him the slip, the VERY rude driver (older Asian man) pointed out that it was expired, then I realized, OH that was what that first driver was talking about to those old ladies, yet he hadn't asked to replace mine! So I tried to explain it to this driver and he publicly ridiculed and embarrassed me in front of everyone on the bus saying I was lying and just trying to get a free ride, shoo'ing me off the bus. I told the driver I had just gotten off the 44 and that this was my transfer bus. That woman who was at the stop when I returned from the ATM boarded behind me and patted me on the shoulder and said "No you didn't, hon. I saw you walk up to the stop just before this bus got here." I was livid! The driver started rambling on about "these stupid young kids who try to get a free ride" and all this other crap about me while talking to the passengers in the front of the bus. Meanwhile, I walked to the back of the bus anyway and everyone was staring at me and whispering. I suggested he use his walkie-talkie to call the driver on the first bus to confirm my story but he said I was just making everything up and trying to get a free ride. So I stayed on the bus despite his attempts to get rid of me, but then when I was near home and pulled the signal to stop, he didn’t let me off! I walked home from back down the road in the pouring rain, almost in tears. I filed a report with Trimet, and a representative wrote me back today saying she would inform his supervisor and that she was going to send me a free ticket. I’m not a liar, I don’t steal or cheat and I always try to do the right thing, yet he made me feel I was doing all those things in front of a crowd of people!!! I understand that I didn’t have any proof, but he didn’t need to go about it like that and should have listened to my explanation before immediately trying to kick me off the bus. What made it even more difficult was the fact that I didn’t make that realization about the expired ticket until I showed it to him upon boarding. And it never occurred to me to check the expiration time when I was initially handed the slip because every other time I have taken the bus, I had a sticker on my PSU ID that served as proof of my transit pass. SO frustrating!

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