May 19th, 2013

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Anyone in need of boxes?

I put my stuff in storage about a year and a half ago, and am now moving in to a permanent location, which means unboxing a lot of stuff. If someone is going to be in need of cardboard boxes in the next couple weeks, I'll be breaking them down into a big stack soon.

DACP Reading Group - first meeting May 30, 630-830pm, PCC Cascade Campus

Portland, OR's Disability Art and Culture Project is starting a new monthly reading group on disability justice and activism! You can participate in-person or online or via telephone, so you don't need to be living in Portland to join in!

Join us to discuss fiction and nonfiction readings on disability justice!

Join us at or go to the main website at!

The first in-person discussion at 112 Terrell Hall, Portland Community College Cascade Campus, 6:30-8:30pm on May 30, 2013. If you would like to participate in real time from your home, by phone or computer, go to for information on how to access the conversation online!

Also join us at for online discussion of the readings anytime!

EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE. You do not need to have a disability to participate.
Whether you read everything, one of these pieces, or none of these reading selections, WE WANT YOU HERE!

FB event page:

Thank you!
Nom nom nom nom

I made an app.

Hi all,

I haven't posted here in a while, but I thought some of you might get a kick out of this.

I made a CB radio simulator app for iOS, called, simply, "CB".  You load it into your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, choose a channel, hit the push to talk button, and broadcast to the world!

It's an unmoderated, free, anonymous communication channel on the Internet, so of course, there are some bozos out there, but there are a lot of nice folks using it, too.  There's a block button for the bozos.

The app is free; there's an upgrade option available, but the main app with all the core functionality is free.  Download it and check it out!

It's like DamnPortlanders, but world-wide, in real time, and with audio instead of text.