April 28th, 2013


Mattress removal?

I am moving and spilled coffee on my Queen mattress on moving day so it got left behind...

Now I need to dispose of it but I have no idea how. Since it is stained, I know I cannot donate it but all the removal companies I'm finding are around $60... has anyone had any luck finding lower prices or with a specific company?

It's gotta go tomorrow afternoon!

Damn Storage

Didn't notice anything in the tags, sorry if I missed it!

The fiancé and I are in need of a small storage unit, preferably in SW near Barbur. Public Storage has some reasonably priced ones, but I've been reading some bad reviews of them online so now I'm weary.

Any knowledge of other storage units? Personal references would be great, or if you had a good experience with Public Storage that's good as well :) We won't be putting anything super valuable into storage, but it's still nice to know if one place is more safe than another.

Thanks in advance!

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