April 3rd, 2013


Authorized computer hacking

In follow-up to this post: http://damnportlanders.livejournal.com/18263059.html I have another computer question.
How easy/difficult and how expensive is it to set it up so I could remotely access, from my computer, a computer in another state (with that computer owner's knowledge and permission)?
I googled and found links to various, well, stuff. I see tutorials on youtube and access is available through google chrome, I guess I'm just looking for personal experience/input...

Mexican taco trucks

Anyone know of any good Mexican taco trucks (preferably a truck or cart, not just a restaurant or regular catering service) in Portland that could cater for large events (200+ people)? I know of Koi Fusion which is great but was hoping for regular Mexican food.

Thanks in advance!
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