April 1st, 2013


fool proof computer?

Hello DP,

You know how they've started advertising that phone in the back of some magazines (maybe on TV), basically an "old people's cell phone" with big keys and big numbers and it's a cell phone but pretty much doesn't do anything else?
I'm wondering if there's a kind of computer equivalent. Doesn't need to have super big keys, but computers "nowadays" come with all these bells and whistles, all these capabilities that a simple old person (run with the stereotypes here) doesn't need and just finds confusing...
Alternately, how would one go about finding/creating a laptop (preferably, for portability's sake, since said old person will likely need to transport it somewhere for technical assistance on a semi-regular basis) that has word-type document capability, email capability, some photo/image viewing and possibly very simple editing capability (paint??), and not much else?

thanks, and happy April fool's!

Argh, ETA - this is not an April fool's joke, I just have TERRIBLE TIMING!
(And, xposted to FB)