March 21st, 2013

Dog Ettiquette philosophy

I was going to post a story about something that happened a few days ago, when me and my mom were hiking and we came across a hiker with a dog. But the entire story is kind of long and boring, so instead I will post the synopsis, which is a man had a dog that was barking/had its hair up, but that he insisted was just "a puppy" and that we shouldn't be afraid, because the dog senses fear.

My major viewpoint on this is that if you have a dog, and you are in a public place, it is not other people's job to A) Know your dogs personality and whether he is "just excited" or whatever or B) Change their emotions to suit your dog. Yeah, it is a good idea to act calm around dogs, but if a dog can't deal with (reasonably) alarmed people, that dog needs to be trained more.

Am I right on this? Do people agree that it is basically the dog owner's job to monitor their dog, and not other people's job to adjust to the dog?