March 19th, 2013

mr. butlertron

moderately priced produce in NoPo?

So there's this great produce store at the corner of 82nd and Foster called Portland Fruit Company. When I was living in the area, I could go there and fill a tote bag and a backpack with fruits and veggies, literally as much as I could carry, and it would always be less than $50 no matter how frivolous I got with my purchases. It was sweet.

However, recent circumstances have resulted in me moving to North Portland. I'm a transplant and I've never lived in this neighborhood before, and I'm trying to manage my food budget wisely right now. Does anyone know if there's a produce store like this within reasonable walking/biking distance of PCC Cascade?

Damn watches

After trying all the big name places (Target, Sears, etc.), I'm at a loss at finding a simple, black leather watch strap. There have to be some watch stores in Portland, right? I'd prefer not thrifting for one since, with the watch I have that I want to replace the strap on, I need tools that I don't own. I'd rather go somewhere I can buy the strap and have them switch it out right then and there.

Any suggestions would be super helpful. Thanks :)

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