March 15th, 2013

red shoes

Waxing and Juicing

Two totally unrelated questions.

Firstly, I'm looking for suggestions of a good place to get a brazillian (wax). I'm not too keen on the idea of trial and error with this particular process, so was hoping to just get some recommendations. I'd prefer the Hillsboro area, since I work there, but am open. Also, if you could give me an idea of the price you paid, that would be very helpful too!

Secondly, and more just out of idle curiosity, I'm starting a juice fast as of today, but I always run into trouble not finding good recipes that I like. So I end up just drinking apple and celery juice the whole time, or other fruit juice, which gets boring and I lose momentum. Anyone have any really good (preferably easy) juicing recipes to share before I hit the store again? Or any random tips/advice to make the week easier?

It's not my first rodeo or anything, but anything to change it up a bit is appreciated.


Its spring break! Or something like that.
Which is good news for me and for us.
Lets celebrate our time of hedonism and abandon by sitting in front of our glowing rectangles and typing happy things and posting gifs.