March 10th, 2013


driving ticket question

Last night my boyfriend was pulled over for doing 70 in a 55 on hwy 18. This, he only got a warning for thankfully, but he did get a $260 ticket for only having his permit driving by himself.

He wants to know if there is anyway to get the ticket lowered or dismissed, mostly based on the fact that the information of the vehicle is not even close to being right on the ticket. The only thing right is the color. They officer wrote down that he was in a Dodge truck, a year of vehicle that is not ours and a different license plate number. We own a car.

Yes, he knows he needs to get his license. Normally, he rarely drives without me in the car though so its usually not an issue but he had an emergency with having to take his cousin to his dads. On the way there his cousin does have a license but the boyfriend had to get back to town last night and his cousin ended up not coming back with him. (back story before people just say he needs to get his license heh)

He went to court. Showed the clerk that he had a license and the ticket was dismissed. Never even had to talk to a judge.