March 2nd, 2013

katy bigmac

Offering my services once again!

Hi, hello. I would like to offer my services for the following:

House cleaning. 20$/hr, no time minimum. I have been cleaning houses for over a year now and have wonderful references, even some from DP! I take direction well, and I have pride in my work. I will travel anywhere along Trimet and have some weekdays and weekends opening up! What I include in a normal clean: sweeping, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing in the bathroom. dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting in living areas (bedrooms, halls, living rooms, dens, dining rooms). In the kitchen I clean all counters and stove tops, disinfect high traffic areas, sweep, mop, and dust. I also clean windows and take out trash accordingly. The only extra that I charge is $10 for washing dishes. I am always early! I do ask that cleaning supplies be provided by customer, everyone has a preference for smells and cleaning styles. I am a private house cleaner and I'm cheaper than a professional, I do not require a three hour minimum, nor do I charge extra for anything but washing dishes. I will clean as often as you need, currently I clean houses monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly, I'm open to whenever I'm needed. I also do move out cleans and have references for that as well.

Manicures and pedicures, natural nails only! Wouldn't it be nice if the nail tech came to you? I have a large collection of nail polish, and fun accessories that I will bring to your house! I only charge $20/hr for this and I can do hands and feet in that time as long as there isn't anything time consuming happening (ex. you wanna have ten things done to each nail and toe nail). The only thing I require from the customer are towels for pedicures. My collection is vast and includes things like: bling gems, holographic tape, nail decals, dotting tools, glitter, stickers, and coming soon nail art brushes! This is perfect for when you'd like to get a little fancy before a night out or even just to feel fancy for no reason at all. I also feel like this is a nice gift for elderly friends and parents, I'm there to chat with them and help them feel a little fancy. I would like to say: I am not a professional, but I do really good work and have references.

House sitting/pet sitting/pet walking. I will come keep your house safe, take care of your pets, and water your planets. Heck, I can even clean a little bit while I'm there if you want. Discounts are available on packaged services. When I house sit I charge $10 a day and ask that there's food in the kitchen. To house sit AND take care of a pet, I add $5 extra per day. Pet walking, I assume this is for dogs but it's Portland, is $10 a visit as long as the visit does not exceed an hour. I will walk your dog and pick up it's mess, as well as play with it and hang out. Once again, I have references upon request.

I am a full time college student and find that these extra side jobs help me maintain my school schedule but also help me pay bills. If you are interested in any of these services, please leave a comment and I'll PM you or you can PM me.

I'm also the crochet girl, if anyone remembers. I make hats, toys, accessories, and random things. If anyone needs any of that let me know as well.

Thanks, DP!
  • khyron

extra ticket for KMFDM with Legion Within @ Star Theater 3/8, yours for $15

I have one extra KMFDM ticket for the Portland show at the Star Theater on 3/8. Not looking to make any profit just want a fan to get to enjoy the show! The tickets are originally $21 plus fees, I'm happy to sell mine for a $15 cash. This is a printed ready-to-use ticket, no "will call" stuff to worry about. Buyer must pick up.

band info:
show info: