February 22nd, 2013


Seeking: Trans-friendly doctor

Cross-posted to Facebook:

Hi all. I'm seeking a trans-friendly general practitioner/primary care provider. An M.D. preferably. I've looked at trans resources on the web and found Dr. Sara Becker (already tried her) and Dr. Carol Blenning (not taking new patients.) Just last night I found a Dr. Shikha Arun at Providence, 5330 NE Glisan. I can't seem to find any recent reviews about her, though. Does anyone have any experience with her? Any leads would be super helpful.


FNNLC: Days are getting longer edition

Hello, and it is another Friday night! February is almost over, which means we are a month away from equinox, and our days are going to get rapidly longer, and our trees are going to sprout leaves and bud flowers!

But while we can make plans to enjoy all that natural beauty, for now we are keeping it real, stuck inside staring at glowing rectangles.

ANYWAY! Something special for tonight, if you want: along with commenting, try to reply to at least one other person's comment, so we can have some cross-talk,and maybe get to know each other.