February 18th, 2013

Pennies versus marijuana, the sequel:

Some years ago, I don't remember how many, I asked this community on a whim what would happen first: the full legalization of marijuana, or the elimination of pennies from circulation.

At the time, opinion was split between "marijuana", "pennies" and "what is the point of this question?"

Since that time, we have had new developments: Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana, and Canada has illegalized the penny. So I think we can all safely say that these events are starting to draw to a head.

What say you? Which will happen first? Anyone want to guess on specific years?
The Last Rabbit.  Ryden.

Psychiatric support.

Hi Portland. I have a friend who is suicidal, has no money, and no support system. She may need therapy; or she may need hospitalization. I don't have the training to be able to assess what kind of care she needs, all I know is that she needs clinical help. So please, lay all your resources on me. Clinics and sliding scale but EFFECTIVE therapists [she's had her share of quacks who have done more harm than good], programs, and places where she can commit herself with minimal fear of crushing debt or traumatic experience [if that's even possible]. I'm using my google fu to my best ability but concrete leads would be very much appreciated. Thank you.