January 26th, 2013

Oregon Redwoods

Although California is famous for its Redwoods, they do not have a total monopoly on these trees. Oregon has two different Redwood groves, here in Curry County on the Oregon/California border.

Today, I visited one of them. I bicycled eight miles away from the Coast, and at Loeb State Park/Siskiyou National Forest, I took a short walk along the trail that goes through our Redwood forest.

Redwoods are not easy to photograph, but here is my attempts:

Collapse )

Maybe on another day I will get up there again and take more pictures!

SNNLC: By a hair...

How's it going folks? I'm home watching silly historical fiction adventure movies.
National Treasure
DaVinci Code
Angels & Demons

What're you up to?
Give me two things for which you're thankful.
And give me one thing you're going to do to improve yourself this week.