January 25th, 2013


antique advice

I came into an antique sword, not anywhere close as nice as but close to something like this, and there's gunk of dubious origin on the blade and rust on the scabbard.  I want to clean it for display on my wall.  I'm betting its worth very little, I dont want to restore it, but I dont want to ruin it more than it already is.

anyone around who knows specifically about this sort of care, or who can direct me to an antique dealer or appraiser specializing in cutlery who can guide me on the correct way to clean this thing?

FNNLC: Winter weather edition

It is the last Friday of January, and across most of the country, things are cold and wet and not very fun!

Luckily, we have the internet, and that means that in our hallowed digital halls, we can disregard the vicissitudes of life and revel in our good fellowship.

So post some funny stuff, or some serious stuff. Post something.

Moose antler dog chews


I am back in your fair city briefly, and after a snag with somehow losing supplies for an art commission, I need to locate somewhere in town that has moose antler dog chews (they're good for cutting into pendants) so that I can chop it up and finish a project on time back in Olympia when I go back in a few days.

Please tell me where in town I can find this mystical item, or perhaps you have one and don't need it? I'll buy it off you! Last time I had to order one online, and I'd much prefer if I didn't have to wait, and could get back to where I left off on this project immediately.

Thank you in advance, you're all awesome.