January 27th, 2012

Haus Stuffz

Hey guys,

My friends and I moved into a house earlier this month and I have some questions regarding repairs and such. But first, some background information:

The landlord and the owner of the house are two different people. The owner is not the nicest person and we try to avoid contact with her as much as we can. The landlord is super chill, though and knows that the owner is a royal poophead. We tell him what needs to be fixed and he relays that information to the owner. Now, the owner is probably the biggest cheapskate in the world (you should really see the "paint job" in our house); she has her friend "fix" everything and what he does is laughable.

1. We've had a leak in our shower for about two weeks now. And not just an itty bitty one. It's big enough that our water bill will be crazy high. We informed the landlord about the leak immediately and he said that he would send the friend over. The friend was supposed to come last Thursday but he never showed up. When we called the landlord about this, he said the friend "would be over tomorrow." Well, tomorrow didn't happen until Sunday afternoon when the guy rolled up with the wrong equipment and left, saying that he needed to go back to Home Depot and "would be back tomorrow morning." Ummm, yeah that never happened and he has been constantly postponing the day and never showing up. He was supposed to come in yesterday but called and said he would be in today. Soooo, my question is, is there a timely manner in which the landlord must have something, such as a leak, repaired by? We're getting really fed up with these postponements and not to mention the prospect of our insane water bill.

2. When we had the internet set up, the house was apparently not wired. And by "not wired", I mean the previous tenants had cut the wires for the cable and tied it around a tree. Comcast charged us $41 to have that fixed. Is it possible to have the landlord reimburse us for this charge? I feel as though this falls under our right to have an habitable home which includes proper wiring.

Muchas gracias amigos
  • khyron

damn politics: so let's talk about the impending transit-pocalypse

DP, this transplant is curious to hear your thoughts on the various issues currently surrounding Portland area transit.  I'm specifically curious about the proposed changes to streetcar service (announced last fall) and the proposed changes to MAX service (announced this week).  These changes, taken together, would not only radically change fare structures but could completely eliminate the free rail zone.  Unlike the streetcar expansion, MAX orange line construction, or the new bridge, these initiatives don't appear to be underway yet and therefore (at least to my limited knowledge) are not yet etched in stone.  I have some pretty strong opinions on them, but those opinions may be based on misunderstandings and certainly come from very limited experience.  I'd like to know more  from folks who have been around longer.  I'd also like to know what a citizen of Portland can do, productively, to influence these plans?

ETA: below are some links with additional information and feedback options, thanks commenters!

http://trimet.org/choices/why-is-there-a-budget-shortfall.htm (presentation about budget issues)
http://trimet.org/mailforms/budgetchoices (online survey)
http://trimet.org/meetings/budget-openhouses.htm (lists open houses)
God says stop


So if you call 911 and tell the dispatcher that you want a cop to come shoot you, they'll send someone right over, apparently.


And yeah, he pointed a replica handgun at the cops. If the cops knew he might be armed and they knew he had asked to be shot, why the fuck were they approaching him when crisis response teams had been called?
  • ajaytea

Unimproved roads

My house is on one of the many "unimproved" (aka "dirt") roads in SE Portland, and it's getting pretty rutted. I've already contacted the City of Portland once and they said that they don't maintain the roads, which was no big surprise. I'm willing to fill in the potholes myself, but I'm wondering where to get the gravel.

Has anyone dealt with this before? I assume that I'd just need to call a landscaper or something like that to buy gravel in bulk, but does anyone have a recommendation?



Once again, I am going to take up arms against the long, sad decline of teh LJ by hosting another FN Club.

However, I think all this "No Life" stuff might be bad for people, so tonight we are going to call it the "We're Awesome Winners", or "WOW" Club.

Because we aren't hanging out on the internet because we don't have anything better to do. We are hanging out on here because we are AWESOME WINNERS, right?