December 31st, 2010

Oct 2010

Camping with 3-4 year olds

My husband and I used to camp a few times a year, until our twins were born. Then I wasn't brave enough to give it a go with them. Now this summer they are turning 4 and I think we are all ready to try camping as a family.

I am used to more rustic, hike in camping, but my husband and kids will want more of the modern conveniences. I am going to go with a state park, but am at a loss as to which one would offer the most fun for kids their age.

So, folks, which state parks should I consider? I would love some help in narrowing it down, from folks that have been there/done that.

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I'm hoping to have a pretty big party for my 25th birthday. I'm having some troubles finding a place to actually have it. I need it to have a bar for the people that want to drink, but I don't drink so I'd rather it not be in a bar. Plus, I'm pretty sure a few family members are going to be under 21. I also want to bring in my own cake and party favors, HELLO MUSTACHE PARTY. Where can I go? Me and my close family live in small apartments so home parties are out of the question. I'm considering bowling? But I don't know if they'll let me have my cake or not. Any ideas?

I have an extra Hello Kitty style hat made that I need to sell. Check it out:
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Here's my last post with info and other pictures.