December 30th, 2010


Do you copy?

My office recently received a major piece of hand-me-down equipment: a big color photocopier. But like everything free, it came with a hitch: its document feeder doesn't work quite right, so it can't copy large multi-page documents without attention - which is, after all, sort of what it's for. We're grateful to have such a thing, but we'd love to have it working right. Can anyone recommend a person or service who might be able to repair the thing? Let's assume for the moment that the warranty is already gone. Technical details are available on request. Thanks as ever.
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Rideshare to Seattle for NYE?

I'm heading up to Seattle tomorrow for New Year's Eve and my other rideshare people decided not to go, so I now have 3 seats available in my car if anyone wants a ride. I'd be looking to split the costs of gas, which would probably be about one fill-up/12 gallons round-trip. I"m planning to leave in the late morning on New Year's Eve and get there during daylight, come back lateish on New Year's day.

*edit: too late! I just left!


Is parking downtown free tomorrow? Stupid is down and I can't find the answer anywhere else. Have to work tomorrow & not taking the bus would be a nice thing.
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KINDLE owners.

Although I am a purest with reading - IE I LOVE to have the book in my hand and actually TURN THE PAGES, not to mention I LOVE the actual smell of a book...I have an opportunity to work in Phoenix with a friend for 6 months (If you're on my regular journal you might know of this)...and, in as much as I want to have the books with me to read, space, and weight, is going to be an issue when coming back.

Therefore, I've been thinking of ordering a KINDLE from Amazon once money is a little LESS tight. I know that I could download PDF files to my laptop, but, the laptop is unwieldy and large. If it's my day off and I want to hit the park, I want to have the slimness of the KINDLE rather than my 8 pound laptop.

My question is this, does the KINDLE support PDF files or would I need to convert any E-Book to be read on the Kindle? I already have a lot of e-Books and IF I pick up a Kindle (a few months from now) I'd like to be able to transfer those books over to it.

Thanks in advance!



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New Years Eve Fireworks

Hey everyone -

A friend and I really want to watch some firework displays for tomorrow night (New Years Eve) and I was curious if anyone had any suggestions.

Anywhere in the Portland area would work (downtown or the 'burbs)

Any info helps!

Missing male tuxedo cat, SE 39th & Division

This evening, a woman thought she may have hit my cat with her car, and said that she saw him flee into the dark. I've scoured the neighborhood with a flashlight but haven't been able to find him. He's a large male tuxedo cat with green eyes, answers to Shark. He's lost his collar recently so he hasn't got a tag. The photos below are from when he was much younger, he's a fully-grown adult now.

I'm going to keep looking, but if you see him in the area, please comment to this post. It'll go to my blackberry so I can get right back to you.

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[EDIT: He came home tonight! His back leg and tail are injured, but he's otherwise okay! I'm going to be taking him to the emergency vet 1st thing in the morning--he deserves a calm night at home after such a scary ordeal. Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone!]