December 29th, 2010

databases and polution?

I have two questions, but they are connected.

1- I have access to a TON of databases through PCC's library website. I am looking for studies connected to vehicle pollution and the heath risks connected to living near-by. Does anyone have any recommendations for which ones I should search?

2- How do you feel about living near a busy street, a highway, or a traffic congested area? Do you have any resources to back up your opinions?
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where else do portlanders hang out online?

Okay, time for the first of many annoying n00b questions! I'll try to keep these spaced out at least several days apart so as not to be too always welcome. So, I'm arguably one of the more "geeky" cities in the USA, where, besides here, do peeps tend to congregate online? I'm always looking for new places to lurk and learn more about life in the PDX.

I already know about DP, citydata, Questionland, OregonLive, and preddit. What other essential bookmarks might I be missing? I'm kind of a fossil about I going to need to get over that when we move?
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Biting the Bankruptcy Bullet...

After struggling for over 10 years with impossible-to-pay medical bills upwards of $20,000, bouts of unemployment, poor choices regarding credit cards...I'm going to attempt a clean slate before I get married and file for bankruptcy.

However, I'm finding internet research to be overwhelming, in the sense that reputable sites don't seem to be very clearly identifiable (aside from Oregon State Bar, etc.). I'd like a site that is Oregon-specific.

If anyone has a personal recommendation for a bankruptcy attorney in Portland or an Oregon bankruptcy site with links to resources, it would be most appreciated!
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Apartment reviews, etc

About 1.5 months ago a couple moved into the apartment above me. One works until 3am and one is not employed. Due to our schedules, the only time they are asleep (AKA quiet) is when I'm at school. Since their noise is continuous at all hours the building owner has agreed to allow me to break my lease. Though I loathe the thought of moving for a the third time this year, I can't take my neighbor's constant activity (noise) level. I've been scanning apartment reviews and it seems all the places I've looked at either a) do not have any reviews or b) have two types of reviews, some complaining the complex noise level and the others complaining about other tenants complaining about their noise.

So DPers, how much stock do you put into online apartment reviews?

Additionally, anyone lived in Francis Manor on SE 39th? It falls into the "no reviews" catagory.
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