December 27th, 2010

Big butt kitty

Bowler vs Derby?

Pretty much the same thing? Discuss.

The band inside says of mine says "Derby." I am confused.

I paid around $71 for my very nice %100 wool Bowler. Apparently they are usually around $50 something When I found mine, there was a pretty much identical one for $45 or $50, but it said that it was felt. Felt & Portland weather don't go together so well. Even with Scotch Guard.
Nom nom nom nom

For those of you who were wondering...

 ...I went to the OR water site and pulled the raw data for rainfall over the last dozen years and did a little tabulation of December rainfall, and here's what I found:

DEC 2010 7.75 in SO FAR
DEC-2009 4.66 in.
DEC-2008 3.68 in.
DEC-2007 8.84 in.
DEC-2006 7.02 in.
DEC-2005 9.19 in.
DEC-2004 3.79 in.
DEC-2003 7.80 in.
DEC-2002 8.58 in.
DEC-2001 6.99 in.
DEC-2000 3.32 in.
DEC-1999 4.78 in.
DEC-1998 7.76 in.

So it's not the wettest December evar--we're not likely going to hit 2005 levels here--but we've got most months beat hands down.

Note, this is just the data from one sampling station, so my numbers might not be accurate for everywhere, but on a quick visual scan, the Mt. Tabor data looked pretty representative, so that's what I used.  Any bets on what we're going to hit by 2011?  I say an even 8.5 in for December.

ETA: As some pointed out, the numbers I gave were a little high, like an order of magnitude.  The data came from, where it is clearly indicated that each point on the scale is equal to 0.01" of rain, not 0.1", as I processed it before posting.

Sigh.  Data processing fail.  Numbers updated.