December 26th, 2010



 so I have REjoined the 21st century and got an iPhone. I'm curious as to what apps and games everyone is using these days. I have twitter, facebook, pdx bus, and a few games, but I'm sure there are more that I should look into. I don't really use yelp or imbd or wiki much, but I may use them one of these days. So tell me, which are your faves? 


plan fail

i am due to appear in lincoln county court tomorrow (2.5 hours away) for a traffic violation. i was going to borrow my roommates car to go but he suddenly needs it and i have no other way to get there. so im freaking out unless someone can assure me that i can call the courts tomorrow morning and pay it over the phone or explain my situation.. anyone know if this is this possible?

spooky stories

Quick! I need a good "spooky" story for a 7 year old!

We are snowed in, up in the mountains, at a cabin. He seems like a pretty imaginative kid, and has already entertained us with stories about pirates. His whole family is here, and he gets to share a bed with his mom tonight, so I am not too worried about nightmares, but I still want to keep it pretty tame.