December 23rd, 2010

For the Rest of Us!

Happy Festivus!

Now on to my grievances:

1.)LDRs suck, and the next time the possibility of one comes up, please talk me out of it.

2.)To the gas station that makes my coffee, please train everyone on how to make the drinks you sell. Telling people how to make my drink and then paying full price for it, is wrong.

3.)Japan, running robots are bordering on creepy.


My feast this year will be a nice Mac&Cheese combo with hot dogs. Since the head of the house is the Kitty my cat (status verified by the cat), Festivus will conclude tonight after our nightly yarn and laser beam wrestling match.

Please proceed with the airing of grievances.

Festivus for the rest of us!


the annual family Christmas debate

At the age of twelve, I announced to my family that I would no longer celebrate Christmas, including gift exchanges-- so would they kindly take my name off the lists of "people to buy stuff for," and don't expect anything from me (for Christmas) from that point on. This was ignored by everyone, and they all continued to send me gifts. I have continued to thank people nicely for gifts.

My mom says that I'm taking advantage of relatives' kindness by accepting their gifts but not buying anyone anything, and that the right thing to do is either send them back or start giving people Christmas presents.

I say that people know that I'm not going to buy them shit, and they're making the free choice to buy me shit, because Christmas is an important tradition to them, and therefore the right thing to do is graciously accept gifts and send a nice thank-you note. I mean, if a friend were to give me a Hanukkah gift, knowing that I don't celebrate Hanukkah, I wouldn't refuse to accept it, right? Nor would I feel bad about not giving them a Hanukkah gift?

This conversation comes up every year. What say you?

I should add that my mom also continues to give me Christmas presents, despite full knowledge that I will not buy her a Christmas present/carry her tree/put up her house lights/go visit her on Christmas morning for gift-opening/etc.

Penultimate FNNLC

Once again, I am hosting the penultimate FNNLC.
Last year, I also did this, and because my thread then failed to reach 1000 comments, the internet has frowned upon us and damnportlanders has gone downhill.
Not that I am expecting this thread to get that many. I am guessing about 30.
And I won't even be here, because I will actually be having a life, in Portland.
But I will see you all around! Remember the grandeur of the internet! Just remember that we can't reach perfection, because it is unobtainable, even though it is staring us in our face all the time.
advanced, stupid

Free dog food

Our dog was getting a bit chubby, so we switched him over to a weight control kibble. I checked the label before buying the new food, but I apparently had the dumb that day and didn't register that the new food contains barley, which is a form of wheat, to which our dog is allergic. So we switched him back to his old food as soon as we realized why he was suddenly all itchy.

So, there's most of a 40 lb bag of Kirkland Signature Weight Control kibble sitting in the garage. We can't donate to a shelter because it's been opened. Anyone want it? We've also got a couple of cans of Nutro wet food we bought before we knew about his allergy that you can have with it.

We live in outer SE/almost but not quite Gresham, less than a mile from the Max and about half a mile from the #4 bus. You'll have to pick up.