December 22nd, 2010

bird calendar

Last minute Christmas gift!!!

We usually buy this at Powells on Hawthorne or Presents of Mind, but they are both sold out of it this year!! This is a gift we get for someone EVERY year, so we are really hoping we can find it somewhere in the Portland area tomorrow morning.

Has anyone SEEN this calendar anywhere? If anyone knows, DamnPortlanders will know.
PS. Amazon link
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Moving help, please.

Hello DamnPortlanders,

I'm having to live the horror of moving right around the holidays. It was short notice to move out, but I've found another place to live. My dilemma is that nobody I know can help me move on the day that I need to move. I've already requested Tuesday December 28th off work to get all of my stuff from one house to the next. I'm planning on renting a U-Haul that day, but I just can't move my stuff all by myself. I don't have a lot, just my bed, desk, and dresser, and a bunch of boxes. I'm moving really close to where I currently live; it's all in inner southeast between 20th and 30th around Powell.
If anyone here can help out for any portion of the late morning to early afternoon, that would be wonderful. I can offer beer, cookies, maybe a couple of bucks to pay you for your time and muscles. I don't have a ton of monies so I'd be willing to barter or something.
If this sounds like something anyone here can help me do, please let me know.

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Health Insurance?

Hi everyone. Not wanting to have a debate about the state of the nation's health care, lack of affordable options or anything like that (depressing,CAN OF WORMS), just hoping to get some basic info.

I'm a recent transplant from out of state, doing mainly freelance work these days, needing and very fortunately able to pick up OR health insurance. I assume there are others out there who have some experience with this, and that's why I'm turning to you.

Which provider do you use?
What is your monthly premium (ranges are fine)?
How happy are you with this arrangement?
How much of a pain was it to get a PCP and schedule a routine physical?
How good is customer support for billing and coverage inquiries?
Do they cover or discount holistic medicine?

I am in my late 20's and in good health, so thankfully this is just for preventative and routine purposes at the moment. Looking at Providence health plans but wondering about other options.

Thanks LJ!

Sperm Bank Babies

I would like your opinions on a few things:

If you are a single man in your 30's would you consider dating a woman with a child?
How would you feel if you found out that the child's father was a sperm bank donor? Would that make you more or less inclined to accept the child?

I have lesbian friends in a committed relationship. They are planning a family in the future and will be using a donor from a clinic to help them achieve their goal. My friend introduced me to the sperm bank websites and it blew my mind. I obviously knew these places existed but I had no idea how affordable this option is or how streamlined this process has become. I have been "baby shopping" for two days now. It is quite amazing how extensive the testing is and how many variables there are to choose from.

I want to have a child some day, and as I am not getting any younger I feel that someday is going to be approaching within a relatively short period of time. I always assumed that I would do it the old fashioned "woman meets nice man, man makes her breakfast, time passes, they make a baby" way. But experience has taught me that life doesn't go as we plan and people that we love don't always get to stay as long as we'd like. So here I am, single, 30, and for the first time in my life giving serious thought to being a single parent by choice.

Another question I have is what role does picking out a donor versus a mate play in the health of a baby? When we fall in love we overlook a whole lot of unpleasant circumstances involving physical and mental health, not only of our mate but of their parents and grandparents as well. And most of us don't get extensive blood work and genetic testing done before deciding to start a family with the one we love. We wing it. We get tests when there are problems, usually not before. Women are biologically wired to be attracted to men whose immune systems are different than theirs promoting genetic variation through their sense of smell and also through kissing. You don't get that from a sperm donor.

What you do get is to pick every attribute for a father as if he were a sandwich being built at Subway. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, hair texture, ethnic background, race, religion, zodiac sign, occupation, blood type, just to name a few. I can say that my "selfish genes" are telling me to choose a tall man, with a muscular body type, prominent jawline, good teeth, good vision, with a PhD. (Needless to say this is the same man I dream about sleeping next to as well, but I haven't met him. But does that mean I shouldn't have his baby? I don't know his name but I have his ID number.)

I wonder if one form of conception yields bigger birth weights (anthropology would tell us that bigger is better. Height usually indicates health.) or healthier, happier babies.

What do you all think?
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