December 21st, 2010

Banned In 2010

My favorite thing to do at the end of the year is to read the year summarized with top 5 or 10 lists. Have you got yours?

1. Plastic Bags. Portland's City Council voted unanimously in July to banish these synthetic pooper scoopers forever (at least sometime in the future).

2. Hugs. West Sylvan Middle School put the kibosh on anything that may be construed as an embrace.

3. Four Loko. The state's Liquor Control Commission Volstead-ed all alcohol laden energy drinks. As far as I know, Vod-Bombs are a-ok!

4. Vuvuzela Horns. Perhaps fearing the walls may come down, the Portland Timbers silenced the horns that made South Africa's World Cup so memorable.

5. Plastic Bottled Water. The University of Portland said no to the sale of plastic bottled water on campus. Honoré Depew, a part of the PSU Environmental Club, swore to drain the coolness factor from all plastic bottled water.


WTF do you get someone who has everything, has no real need for anything, yet you have no money to afford them a helicopter? (and I find such people to be the most judgmental in regard to gifts they receive)

I've come to despise Christmas. Whatever happened to enjoying friends, family and good food and not stressing out about wtf you're gonna get someone?


Portland related because everyone here likes to bitch and complain about stuff
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Santa has a question about laptops.

No, not Santa's lap. He already knows about THAT.

Say you had a couple hundred bucks, tops, and wanted to scare up a functional laptop that would run WOW without great difficulty... something the elves could put together, or an impossibility? Looks like Free Geek has 'em from time to time, but I'm wondering where else I should look, and maybe what I should avoid.

In before "quit letting your kid play WOW." heh

e-Peen waving!!!

How big is your music collection? I think mine is pretty average:
3785, 19.46 GB.

I'm pretty selective. I've heard of redonkulous collections and can't see listening to that much.

So DP'ers.. whatcha archivin'?