December 20th, 2010

  • alex_gh

Dressing warmly in the rain.

It's started raining again, you might not know about how to dress warmly in wet weather. You also might be too broke to spend money on new all-weather gear. Here are some tips for cheaply keeping warm, I hope they help.

First, cotton kills. Or rather, cotton doesn't insulate when wet. Jeans, t-shirts, hoodies; if it's made out of cotton it will make you cold and miserable. All those anarchist kids aren't angry because of the system, they're angry because their cotton clothes are chilly. Black jeans and hoodies are made of cotton and cotton makes you cold.

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  • noon30

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There's a total lunar eclipse tonight! Partial eclipse starts at 10:33, total eclipse starts at 11:41 and ends at 12:53 and the partial eclipse ends at 2:01. Any suggestions on where to watch it?

Instructable Review

So I went to Office Depot today to try the $200 Pen hack from Instructables

I gotta say BOOYA! Pilot G2 + Mont Blanc refill = awesome pen. It's my new favorite pen.

I bought the red G2 so I would be able to easily know which pen I had done the swap with, but the clear barrel makes it so I can see Mont Blanc through it, so you may not want to do that if you don't like red.

But yeah. It totally works and I'm a happy writer. SO smooth.
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The end.


I've been applying to scores of jobs lately and frequently, part of that process is putting down information about my race and gender as part of EEO stuff.  While I acknowledge various levels of privilege and inequity, I also kind of feel like that's not information I just want to give out (because I'm ornery, mostly).  What are the consequences for choosing the "Decline to disclose" option on such things?  It always says there aren't any, but I have to wonder...does anyone work on the other end of these things?  What do you think when you see "Declined to disclose?"

little blue dog: santa

sock dreams


Found a few pretty cool gifts on this store's website, but my question to those in the know is thus: does the retail store typically stock all of the inventory available online? (Some? None? Only like 3 pairs?)

YES, I WILL CALL, but they are closed right now, and by God it's 2010 and people shouldn't have to wait for information. Just hoping someone might know. Spanks.