December 19th, 2010

contacts, cameras

Any recommendations for where to order contact lenses? I hate the sleazy corporate optometrist office I got my prescription from and I'm wondering if I can take my prescription anywhere, or if it's only valid with them.

Alsoooo, any camera store recommendations? I want to get a new DSLR camera and my first thought was Amazon, but their million different new / used prices confuse and overwhelm me so I almost just want to go to a store in person.



Where in the hell can I find a DVD of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, new? My dad requested it for xmas and Fred Meyer, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart don't have it. It's almost $40 on Amazon. I'm thinking I just don't know where to find movies in this town.


Five minutes ago, SE Portland, a series of about 5 loud booms...anyone else hear it? It was in the vicinity of 39th and Holgate. I thought it was fireworks at first, then gunshots.