December 18th, 2010

  • drjeff

Vintage Portland

I'm not sure whether this has been posted before (maybe even by me?), but it's cool, so fuck it!

It used to be a little easier to merge onto 82nd.

The Vintage Portland blog is a collection of old pictures of Portland. See what everything looked like before it was turned into an organic coffee bike shop free-trade hemp brewery wireless co-op.

Damn Window Decorations

At some sign store on Grand near River City Bikes, they have holiday greetings in various languages - including Klingon.

Thought you folks might like to know.

And now, I subject my utilikilted self on an unsuspecting birthday party.
  • lucasmo

sledding and other snow activities

What's a good place to go sledding, tubing, or generally sliding down an embankment in the snow? Obviously I'm thinking more out towards the Mt. Hood area. I'm looking for free areas, but if you've been to pay areas that are fun I'd like to hear about them as well.