December 17th, 2010

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Dream graduate programs!

Dear DamnPortlanders,

I just discovered that the admissions timeline I have printed for my *DREAM* PhD program at OHSU is outdated and I missed the application deadlines. By months.

After a good cry, I am now excited that this puts me in a position to try something completely different. I'm now having a blast looking at all of the different graduate programs around Portland! Yay!

What is YOUR dream graduate program at a Portland institution? If you could drop everything and dive head-first into full-time program, what would you look for? :)
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Yo Deeps!

Do any of you have some rudimentary knowledge of Chinese? I have a small collection of ceramics with characters (they are for sure from china) on them and I'd like to know what they mean! Not looking for deep meaning, would just like to have an idea of what they say :)

and 2:



Good evening beautiful people of Portland! What a windy night we're having!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am looking to catch a ride up to Olympia. I'll have little luggage, just a back-pack. And I have cash to help pay for gas!

Let's hit the road!