December 16th, 2010


Seinfeld - The Complete Series- $84.49 @ Amazon- One day sale!

Seinfeld - The Complete Series is on sale today at Amazon for $84.49 (yesterday's price was $198.99)

This is the lowest price i've ever seen for this amazing set of the best comedy show of all time! One day sale, don't miss out. Here's what you get:

Special Features
Features 32 DVDs with all 180 episodes
More than 104 hours of amazing extras
The Official Coffee Table Book: a 226-page bound anthology filled with photos, quotes, and trivia from every episode
Bonus disc featuring the reunion of the cast plus Larry David on the ninth anniversary of the series finale
Packaged in a handy collector's case that will look great on your shelf
Documentaries for all nine seasons
Inside looks
Not That There's Anything Wrong With That (bloopers)
In the vault (deleted scenes)
Yada Yada Yada (commentaries)
Notes about nothing

DJ Gregarious at the Fez gone???

This summer my lovely roommate and I discovered the most soul-cleansing of times dancing Friday nights at the Fez.  Went there recently and they have a new DJ who plays a different sort that is cool but not quite dance-on-able as I'd like.  Talked the bartenders and they said DJ Gregarious had a bit of clash with management and wasn't promoting his night as much, which is really too bad.  Anyone know A) if he will back and when? B) if not, if he's gone somewhere else and where and what nights?  C) if nay to both, another good place that has very similar music offerings to his? 

Goodfoot is fun, but funk is not what gets all my stress out in quite the same way and is a little too crowded for my liking.  I loved the Fez and the attendants b/c it was open and had a huge LOVELY diverse group of people who didn't hit on you; everyone's actually mostly there just to dance and have fun.  Never liked 'clubbin' and I was so so happy to find a perfect fit and I'll be really sad if that opportunity is gone.  Thanks, everyone!

P.S.  We have a huge decorated real tree in our retail/showroom.  I keep telling people who come in that it's our Hanukkah Bush. :)  Or that, to be fair to all creeds, that I think we need to have a huge 18' menorah with giant flames.  I like the confused looks on the customer's faces. Tee hee...