December 14th, 2010


Deli foods?

Hi guys,

My boyfriend has a sort of strange obsession with deli foods. He really enjoys going to Uwajimaya, as well as the other various asian markets around here and getting their pre-made (pre-assembled?) deli meals. They'll generally have one or two things from the deli selection and a bit of rice, or a side dish of some sort in them. He also gets big deli salads and sandwiches from grocery stores, sliced fruit trays, and things of that nature.

I know this is sort of an oddball request, but we've been trying to find something in a similar vein that's not your standard grocery store or asian market fare. Do you know of any Indian or Italian places? something else? We'd love to hear about it. Bonus points if it's on the west side, but if it's interesting, we'll happily travel.
Oct 2010


I planted bulbs in the fall, and yesterday I noticed that a bunch of them have broken through and are starting to come up. The damned bulbs think it is spring! What to do?

Food Challenges?

We've been watching a lot of 'Man Vs Food' at my house. For those who have not seen it, the host usually wraps up the show by doing some sort of food challenge, like eating a 14 pound pizza or a 5 pound grilled cheese sandwich. Every challenge he does prompts my (120 pound, 5'2) girlfriend to proclaim that she could totally do that.

So, DP, where can we go so she can put her money where her mouth is? She's done the big donut challenge at VooDoo Donuts. The only other one we know about is the one at Salvador Molly's that was  featured on the show when it was filmed here.
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just in case any of you aren't on the vancouver community ...

For those of you in Washington who are under the federal poverty line, there is a program called Take Charge that provides a year of free birth control to eligible individuals. Due to the budget crisis, this program will end in February 2011. People who enroll before February 28th, 2011 will still be able to receive the year of free birth control. This also includes birth control that lasts longer than a year, such as IUDs.