December 11th, 2010

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Beaverton dinner recommendations

Help, please!

A small group of us are headed out to Beaverton next week to meet up with a friend for dinner. We've heard that Beaverton has some great Korean, Japanese, and Mexican hotspots. Yelp has given us a list to work with, but I'm hoping DP may have some more recommendations.

We're open to anything! Especially if the type of cuisine doesn't exist in downtown PDX (where we all spend most of our days). Thanks!

Coming back to Portland!

So, after several months alone in the wilds of Montana, I am coming back to Portland.

Has Portland changed much? What should I catch up on?

My major plans of fun things to do and see in Portland involve:

1. Eating from the Bombay Chaat House on 12th and Yamhill

2. Eating from any Thai food cart. Any. One. At. All.

3. Going to the Title Wave

4. Going to the Goodwill Superstore.

Seriously, those are the four most exciting things I can think of to do in Portland...
That, and just riding around buses because I can.
I might get a chance to see some of you... it would be nice, but since I am really busy, I don't know if it will happen.

Need car services with awesome service?

I cannot recommend Cottman Transmissions in Beaverton enough! Leo, the manager is super nice and has always taken good care of me. When my alternator died, Leo made sure to get me one with a lifetime warranty for the lowest price possible and gave me all the discounts he could.
When my BF's transmission went out, Leo also gave him all the discounts he could and provided great service.
And then when my turbo got replaced elsewhere and someone failed to put the relay cover back on, water got all up in my fuse box causing a drain in my battery. My natural inclination was to go to Cottman since I have a warranty because I thought it was the alternator (it was behaving that way). That's when Leo told me about the fuse box. Well, I couldn't afford Leo's services this time so I decided to have my uncle fix it. Leo whipped something up real quick to cover the fuse box so more water wouldn't get in. One of my headlights apparently burnt out, so Leo replaced that AND he filled up my anti-freeze for no charge. He jumped my battery so I could drive my car out of there and to my uncle's.

These little things make me want to take my business to Cottman when I can. Leo and the other techs take excellent care of my car. They have reasonable prices, and they don't try to trick you into getting services you don't need. I drive a 1988 Audi. Oil changes cost me $50 most places, but Cottman charges me about half that.

So if you're in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area, go to Cottman Transmission on Baseline Rd. Tell them the girl with the pain-in-the-ass Audi sent ya!

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Hey DP! How's the cold weather treating you? What's that? You and your family's heads are cold? Have no fear! I am here with warm hats that will keep you warm and make you awesome!

I just started selling the crochet hats I make! I sell scarves, too! I make them in adult and child sizes, in a variety of colors and patterns. These are perfect gifts for friends and family. When I decided to start making them for sale I decided that I wanted to use colors and patterns that were a little more edgy. A friend told me she couldn't find a lot of things for her daughter that were black or pink and black so I make a lot of pink and black, and purple and black stuff. I also have more masculine colors for little dudes, too.

The hats are all the skull type kind of hat and have a lot of stretch to them. If you're interested and have a big head, don't worry! I make hats for big heads, too. I'd just need a measurement and I can go off that.

Collapse )

Adult hats are $10. Scarves depend on the width and length but start at $15. Sets, depending on scarf length, start at $20. And the child hats are $8. I can also add cute bows to the hats and scarves, I just don't have any pictures of that. As for colors, I have basically all the colors of the rainbow and then some.

I can deliver, free of charge, wherever Tri-Met goes. And it doesn't take me long to do the hats, but around two days for a scarf. If you're interested feel free to send me a private message or email me at: moreno dot whitney at gmail dot com

Thanks and Happy Holidays.
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Where can i get a...

A couple years ago, maybe last year, I got my friend a hat from this kiosk at mall 205 for christmas.  It was the kind she calls a daniel boone hat, furry inside with ear flaps that fold up or down, some kind of tweedy pattern on the outside.  It was actually a super awesome daniel boone hat, it had two sets of ear flaps for extra ear warmth.  Last week, her hat got stolen out of her friend's car when her friend's car was towed when she (the friend) was detained for a traffic violation - I know, ridiculous.  So, I'm trying to replace the hat, but that kiosk is not at mall 205 now.  Anyone know if that kiosk will show up a little closer to christmas (it was right outside bed & bath or whatever that store is, it had hats and fancy scarves and those little painted turtle/animal things with bobble heads)?  Or other places I could go to look for a super awesome daniel boone-type hat?  I looked in Target since it was right there and they had hats that would kind of fit the description above, but they were fuchsia and flimsy and not super awesome at all.