December 9th, 2010

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Vitamin D Revealed

I've seen a few vitamin D articles this morning - sounds like it's been over or under considered in the quack science venues of late. Chandless went through the scientific literature & made this lovely chart that shows what we do know.

(click it to link through & see the readable version)
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Possible Mortgage Assistance for Oregon Residents

Anyone who's having trouble paying their mortgage because of a job loss, pay cut, medical issues, or other hardship - the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Program may be for you.

This is a lottery where a homeowner who makes less than 120% of the state median income and who has lost 25% or more of their income, can apply for a program where one year of mortgage payments will be made for them up to $20,000.
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Movie and Limerick Lovers!

I used to maintain a movie review blog where all the reviews were written in haiku (for the good ones) and limericks (for the ones that I didn't like).  I haven't added to it for quite a while, but I was reading through some of my reviews with nostalgia, and I thought, maybe other people would have fun with this, too.

Looking back, the haiku were pretty boring, but the limericks were fun.  So here's my challenge: write a review of a movie you've seen in limerick format.  It might help if it was a movie you hated... it does for me.  I'll start you off with a couple:

AI: Artificial Intelligence
At best, this movie was creepy,
but mostly it made me sleepy.
Part of an apalling new trend
of flicks with no end
leaving the audience needing to peepee!
Eye of the Beholder
You know that I'm no kind of prude.
I thought, it'll be nice to see Ashley Judd nude!
But in this so-called "thriller,"
she's a whacked-out psycho-b*tch killer.
Jail the director! And give him no food!!

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Train Platform Safety

I just finished watching CBS', The Amazing Race. I was impressed by South Korea's use of transparent partitions. These partitions look like they go a long way in preventing commuters from falling onto the tracks.

The video is not of The Amazing Race.
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Damn Movie Premiere

Dear Damn Portlanders,

I would just like to take a moment to invite you all to the PREMIERE of a local short film called THE WORRIERS - a spoof on the 1979 movie 'The Warriors'. The movie is about GANGS of POETS in Portland. Narf.

I was cast as an 'extra' in the film, and was even given a couple of lines. They called for 'beatniks' so I just rolled out of bed and showed up. ;)  It was a fun experience and I look forward to seeing the film in its full glory.

Here are the details.

THURSDAY December 16th
Clinton Street Theater

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