December 8th, 2010

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Tile-based Sudoku sets? Absurdly specific video games? Arson?

I've pretty much given up on ever getting my dad anything he actually wants for Christmas. It never goes well.

However, the existence of Tile-based Sudoku sets has just been brought to my attention, and this seems like something that he might possibly like yet not own already. (He really likes Sudoku still - does the one in the paper every day.) However, that website is really vague. I'd like to look at one in person before buying, or at the very least look at the box in a shop. Has anyone seen these for sale in Portland? Do any of you own one and have opinions?

Alternately, if the best video games we've played together are the various Lego games, what other video games might we like? (We otherwise have really incompatible taste - he likes realistic sports sims that rely on being able to apply your real-world knowledge of the sport in question and for multiplayer games I pretty much prefer things that you can pick up and play with no outside knowledge, a cartoonish grasp of physics, and some button mashing.) We've also had some luck with playing games like Monkey Island or King's Quest with one of us "driving" and the other one mapping/taking notes/offering suggestions (yes, we've been doing this long enough to have played through the original King's Quest this way back in the 80's) but playing two-player cooperative games like the Lego ones is less frustrating for me as it's easier to just try the thing I think will help rather than argue with him about trying it when I'm not "driver". He has a PS3, a Wii, and a bunch of old consoles from various systems. He also has a fairly new laptop which probably runs Windows 7.

Any thoughts?
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Awesome local Christmas Wreaths?

Fellow DPers... do you know of anywhere locally selling square wreaths this year, or if not square, just some more unique ones, a little more fun than the basic circle of greens?

Some people are all about the tree. I'm all about the wreath. lol

Cheers and Happy Holidays too. xox

Primary care physician recommendation?

I know, it's been all of a minute since the last of these questions. Please forgive.

My husband and I are looking for a primary care doctor in inner SE Portland (or close enough to) who takes Blue Cross/Blue Shield & is accepting new patients. I have the list of doctors from Blue Cross, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone had personal experience. Can anyone recommend someone particularly amazing? Gender does not matter, we have no children, and we'd prefer someone older (i.e. not fresh out of med school), no special diets, etc. Thanks in advance.


Hey everyone,

My best friend is turning 21 in March (which I know is a ways away, but still) and she mentioned having heard about a bar that offers group all-you-can-drink specials for an hour when you turn 21. Is anyone familiar with such a place? Is this just a fantasy concocted by a sad, underage lady on the verge of access to legal drinking?


pimpin my photography

So its not Dr Jeff, but I do have some pretty shots. ;)  I just finally got my stuff up on line and wanted to get it out there for the public to see. I'm just startin out so there isn't tons, but there is some fun stuff. 

Anyway, I have some prints for sale and thought I'd put it up here so you can get some gifties for family and friends for the holidays if anything there catches your fancy.

Ordering stuff is really easy, and I've tried to price things pretty reasonably. Enjoy!

ps, if anyone wants the Drunk Monkey story made into a book, that is also possible. Just let me know and I can make it happen. :) 

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Coffee shops with firesides!

Longtime lurker, first-time poster.

As a writer and a coffee whore, I'm always looking for new coffee shops to set up shop for an hour or two with some good coffee to consume while I type on my laptop. I've found a few good spots in Beaverton and Portland, brew-wise, but now I need something specific.

Which coffee shops in the greater Portland area have fireplaces?? I love sitting by warm cozy flames, but it seems to be a lost art in a lot of coffee places I know about. So far, I know of only the Starbucks (boo, hiss) on 185th in Beaverton, and the Panera Bread at Cedar Hills Crossing which also has a gas fireplace.

Bonus points if it's on the westside. SUPER bonus points if it's not a chain!

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Two Random Questions

Firstly--I am thinking of (eventually) getting an Android phone through Cricket. Yes, yes, go ahead and laugh now, but seriously, I don't want to pay 80 fucking dollars a month plus taxes. Does anyone currently use this? Does it work well? They use the Sprint network, right?

Secondly, does anyone know of any English novel that features Absinthe in a significant way?
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glasses - motion sickness

I just did a cursory search, but wasn't there a post a few months ago about motion sickness and weirdness in the switch from contacts back to glasses?

(I just got a new pair of glasses but they are making me feel weird in a big way. Right perscription, everything's cool, but I feel somewhat dizzy and it's really uncomfortable to wear them. Been wearing contacts for 5ish years but wore glasses for 5 before that with no issues)