December 7th, 2010

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Game room stuff

Hey deepee, any idea where I can rent game room type stuff for a photo shoot in the PDX area? I especially need to find a poker table and a pinball machine, but pacman, Atari, air hockey, etc would all be cool too.

Any ideas of where to look? Or do you have such things you'd be willing to rent out?

thanks in advance!

Groupon for Big Ass Sandwiches

If you bought a Groupon to Big Ass Sandwiches, and then couldn't use it the last two weeks because they are closed (conveniently two weeks before it expires!), then email Groupon about it. I got a credit on my account.

****EDIT: From their Twitter feed:
Groupon inquiries: been posting our closure since Sept. to give tons o' notice (it started in June!) we'll honor face value ($4) 12.9-12.18

So you can still go and use your Groupon, just not for the $8 value you were supposed to get it for. At least they are doing this, but I didn't check their Twitter or Facebook until today.

Question 'bout a company

I just applied for a jorb at InsideTrack, a "student coaching" company, who helps undergrads get through their school experience with purpose and dedication (I think this is actually a fabulous idea).  I've been trying to find info online about it, and it's been scarce as they're pretty new...anyone ever work there?  What's it like?
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Painted Sign for my home

I was thinking of having a sign made for the front of my house, with my last name.  There are a couple of businesses specializing in signs around town, but they're all awfully business oriented.  I'm looking for something a little  Anyone have a suggestion?
C&H Fight
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Selling a Guitar

I just wanted to browse if anyone would be interested in aquiring a custom Heinekens Fender Guitar. Feeling out the market. The guitar is brand new, limited edition Fender Electric Guitar. Thanks DP
Bike Naked!

Beaverton is getting a new slogan!

The Mercury is asking for suggestions. Some of them are side-splitting hilarious. And while I've lived in Portland proper since 2006, my parents and brothers live in the 'tron and I lived there for longer than I'd like to admit. So I know Beaverton. (And I'm glad I escaped to Portland.)

My personal favorites, so far:

Beaverton: We're elbow-deep in beavers. (seriously, this one has me laughing so hard I can barely breathe pretty much every time I think about it)

Beaverton 2: Electric Boogaloo

Beaverton = Portland - bikes + chain stores

Beaverton: God Help You If You Tell Our Children You're Gay
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