December 1st, 2010

  • aslant

tiny advent calendars

it's a damned holiday emergency!

it's december 1 and i don't have one of those tiny advent calendars yet! help. where in portland have you seen them?

not the chocolate kind. just the kind with doors and tiny pictures.

ETA Thanks for all the recs! The cookbook/gardening Powells on Hawthorn is where I finally found one. They have a whole bin of them! Got a cheapie for $5, nicer designs are $12.

Cheap-giftapalooza brainstorm

OK, let's talk presents.  Given that a) I'm broke as a joke and b) I can't knit, what are some gifts that I could whip up on the cheap?  Under $20 is probably OK; I could have one or two of those.  So far I have:

-Truffles (perhaps funky ones made from maca, spirulina, rosehips, chipotle?)
-Those sodium-acetate reusable hot pack thingies with the disc you flick to activate (heard you can make your own, but how would you seal the damn thing?)
-Perhaps a salve made from calendula/lavender/lemon balm?  Or maybe one for joints?
-No-sew fleece blankets (where you knot the sides)
-Infused oil of some sort
-Homemade iPod gloves
-Microwaveable flax seed wrist rest

(PS Done the "here's a coupon for my time" thing's cool but I'd like to produce tangibles this year, if I can.)

Edit: This instructable to make a crappy pen write like a good one looks cool, too.

puppy trouble

My neighbors leave their tiny chihuahua tied up to their tiny porch all day long and into the night. The poor thing sits out there in the freezing cold and rain, shivering, with nothing except what looks like a waded up old sleeping bag.

Who do you report animal abuse/ neglect like that to in these parts?

Laura Veirs Free Show!

"Our final show of 2010 will have Laura Veirs taking the stage at the Portland Dr. Martens store. Once again we'll have free food, beer and drinks from McMenamins, and plenty of free goodies for everyone including special gift bags for the first 50 people starting at 5pm."

Friday, December 10 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm
The Portland Dr. Martens Store
2 NW 10th and W. Burnside  (across from Powell's)
Portland, OR!/DrMartensPDX

World's AIDS Day Is Today

I heard it is possible for a child born in 2015 to grow up without this dreadful pandemic.

AIDS took my mother, Carolina Nava, on August 4th 1987.
She took her coffee black and loved her job at Tomy Toys.

EDIT - Thanks for all your condolences and virtual hugs!
Every victim had a name and left an impression on someone.
hp totally awesome

Dog Trainer

My friends parents bought a puppy and are badly in need of a dog trainer. Obedience school is not cutting it and it's a sticky situation because one of them is wheelchair bound and the other only has use of one hand due to a disability. No one listened when I went on about getting an older dog and now we're in this situation. They're frustrated and the dog is peeing, jumping, and showing the first signs of aggression because they are using the crate as punishment. All my suggestions and advice are not really sinking in because I am not a professional.

Does anyone know any local dog trainers who are really good? One who can travel to their home is best but if the training facility is really good that's an option too. I'm looking for someone who can be patient but firm with the owners and the dog as well. I realize it's not a good situation, but short of whisking the dog away in the middle of the night the best I can is find them a solid trainer. Thanks for all your help!